Peach Tree Nigerian Dwarf Goats

Peach Tree Mini Goats

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Welcome to Peach Tree Nigerian Dwarf Goats!


We have a small herd of 12 lovely Nigerian Dwarf goats here in beautiful Southern Alabama. Our does and bucks come from proven milk lines, and all our breeding animals are registered with ADGA.  Our registered herd name is Mini Peach Tree and most of our available goat babies are also eligible to be registered with AGS and NDGA. 

We breed for outstanding quality Nigerian dwarfs, and the nice coloring, moon spots and blue eyes are a bonus.

We have posted details and pedigrees of each of our goats on the Bucks and Does pages. We have once a year goat babies being born in early spring time, and we offer several little does and bucks for sale. Check out our FOR SALE page for availability. Please contact us first at [email protected], that is the easiest to reach us.  Add a couple of these friendly caprines to your barn!!