Peach Tree Nigerian Dwarf Goats

Peach Tree Mini Goats

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We are located in beautiful southeast Alabama, and our ranch is situated on 10 acres of land.
We have carefully selected our breeding stock from the best bloodlines we could find, and we have goat babies born on our farm once a year, in spring.  We keep the FOR SALE page updated, so you can see when and which babies we have available. We do have occasionally adult goats for sale. 
Some of the bloodlines you will see in the pedigrees of our goats are Little Tots Estate, Woodhaven Farms, Kaapio Acres, Doublegate, Little Star, Crookedcedar Farm, Promisedland, Prairiewood, Pelican Acres, Seldom Herd, Atwood Acres, etc. At this time we do not show our goats, but that might change in the future. All of our breeding stock is coming from great milking lines, and many have champions in their pedigree.
We feed our goats ADM goat feed, and the herd has access to pasture and/or hay 24/7. We trim the hooves of our herd every 6 weeks, the goats are regularly dewormed and are kept up-to-date on vaccines.
All our goats are registered with the American Dairy Goat Association, and are coming from tested herds. We plan on testing our own herd the fall of 2016 for Caprine Arthritis and Encephalitis (CAE), Tuberculosis (TB), Johne’s, and Caseous Lymphoma (CL).
If you do not own goats yet, we will NOT sell you only one animal.  Goats do not do well alone and might become depressed and may die. So let us know and we can add a wether with your purchase (castrated buckling) as a companion animal for a discounted price.

We keep goat babies with their mommy until they are at least 8 weeks old. At that time the goat kid will be eating hay and grain, and we will give him or her a bottle with whole cow's milk once a day to prepare him to get ready for his new herd.  We advise to give the baby a bottle of cow's milk a day until 3 months old.  We accept checks and/or Paypal for down payments on our available kids, usually half of the purchase price will hold your goat baby. We only accept cash when you pick your baby up. Please email me first, I am outside a lot working with the animals and do not carry my phone with me. Let me know if you have any questions!

Below are a few pics of the other animals we have here at our farm.

One of our beautiful Arabian horses :)

This is Peanut, one of the many strays we have taken in. She is sweet as can be! 

Here are a few pics of Mini and Toy Australian shepherds, we have them available at times. More info at

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